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The AQUILA Working Group is dedicated to providing accurate, evidence-based information about batterer intervention programs and their impact on men who batter. 

We are committed to enhancing dialogue and public awareness about these programs and about the potential for change for many men who have a history of domestic violence. 

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Efforts to update the Michigan Standards for 
Batterer Intervention Programs


Batterer Intervention Provider Standards Compliance Council

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To find a Batterer Intervention Program in Michigan that 
meets or exceeds the Michigan Standards

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BISC-MI Mission Statement

  • We will provide a working forum for interaction and information sharing among agencies and individuals concerned with the provision of batterer intervention services in Michigan.
  • We will help create and maintain coordinated community actions that hold batterers accountable for their behavior and promote safety and empowerment for victims.
  • We will give safety, needs, and concerns of victims/survivors priority over the interests of batterers or any batterer intervention service model.
  • We will promote social change which works toward a society based on equality and nonviolence.

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